Mark Hills – aka  “The Transmitter Guy”

Mark Hills

Many of you know me as the President and Principal Engineer of s2one, Inc. And, you also probably know that I played a small part in the initial rollout of DTV in the U.S., installing or working on nearly one-quarter of the newly established transmitters in the first years of DTV. But what you may not know is that after nearly 30 years of broadcast experience working with equipment from firms such as Acrodyne, Dielectric, Electrosys, ERI, e2v, Harris, Larcan, NEC, Rohde & Schwarz, Thomson Grass Valley and others … I still feel a surge of adrenalin when I’m learning about something new and exciting.

I’m very excited about the potential of Mobile TV and the opportunities that this new technology offers to the broadcast industry. Talking about this potential is one of my favorite things… that and finding an excuse to go flying in my plane.

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